Lake Bluff Audubon Center

Lake Bluff Audubon Center

Lake Bluff Audubon Center of Manistee County, Michigan

Photo: By Phil Seng

Hiking Lake Bluff Audubon Center

Trail Distance:

1.9 miles long.


From Manistee travel north on US-31 to M-110. Turn left onto M-110 and continue north for about 1 mile. Lake Bluff is located on the left or west side of the road at 2890 Lakeshore Road.

Trail Description:

High, sandy bluffs at this 72-acre site offer a picturesque view of the Lake Michigan shoreline and surrounding countryside. A gently rolling nature trail meanders through open field, forest, and wetland areas. The yard of the Lake Bluff Center is graced with an arboretum. Two Michigan state champion trees are found here. Michigan's largest giant sequoia and it's largest sycamore maple. The Lake Bluff Center can be rented for special conservation-oriented events, workshops, or meetings.

Wildlife Viewing:

Lake Bluff is a good site for viewing many kinds of birds. Along the Lake Michigan shoreline during February and March, you may see concentrations of sea ducks such as oldsquaws, mergansers, and harlequin ducks. Watch for red-tailed, broad-winged, and rough-legged hawks in mid-April, as they migrate north. Resident bald eagles and hawks are also seen occasionally. Many large, old trees reach for the skies along the nature trail, and these giants provide great feeding and nesting habitat for woodpeckers. Wild turkeys and white-tailed deer are commonly seen along the trails as well. In August, watch for large groups of monarch butterflies that stop here to rest on their long journey to Mexico. Many people are not aware that these colorful insects migrate the same as many bird species. They spend the summer months in northern latitudes and then travel south to escape the harsh winter weather.

Facilities and Opportunities:

  • Restrooms
  • Trails
  • Visitor Center
  • Drinking Water

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